IMMUNE-THERAPEUTIC PROTEIN (ITP) is a therapeutic protein isolated from porsine pepsin which is irreversible, modified, and fractionate to the sequence Irreversible Pepsine Fraction (IPF).

The ITP contains Irreversible Pepsin Fraction with Mol.wt. 36kD. as an active ingridient modulate with Vitamin-C ester. This protein is precipitated specifically with blood serum proteins from area of alpha-1 and alpha-2 microglobulines. This reaction is different in the cases with and without cancer. In cases with advanced cancer growth, the serum reaction fades away. Using the IPF, it can obtain a new subset of T- cells, sensibilized against a patient’s cancer cells. The therapeutic effect process is similar to the “host rejection reaction” after unsuccessful organ transplantation. After the fourth week, a change in urine smell occurs which implies the presence of tumor tissue necrosis. IPF appears to modulate helper T1 cells’ expression of elaborate cytokines INFy, IL-2, which selectively promote cell-mediated immune response and subsequently stimulate cytotoxic lymphocytes. These lymphocytes have a prominent role in the host’s immunologic response to malignan cells. Proteins encoded by these pathogens enter the endogenous pathway for antigen presentation and are expressed on the surface of the infected cell as a complex with class I MHC – proteins. IPF appears to present a novel mechanism to reduce viral burden and stimulate innate immune responses to the virus for patients with significant malignan influence .